Cops Beat Veterans in Boston and City Hall Blackmails OccupyDallas

Occupy Wall Street first struck me as a joke. Here were all these twenty somethings in their Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters complaining about corporate greed in the middle of the work week while taking photos with their $1000 cameras and their $300 iPhones.Their gatherings pulled cops away from other areas and terrible things happened like a series of random attacks on women in the subway. It’s so very easy to admonish these people as privileged hipster kids and dislike them for how they inconvenience the cities they protest in.

But then the cops in New York started macing people. And as much as we might WANT to mace a hipster it’s still assault and unwarranted and not cool.

Since that assault via spicy face spray the movement has sort of exploded. Mainstream media is covering it (though it’s with a sense of bewilderment) and new Occupy protests have sprouted up all over the country.

Part of the movement is occupying public parks long-term. In some locations there are no rules governing the occupation of a public space. In other places permits are required to occupy these parks.

via Cops Beat Veterans in Boston and City Hall Blackmails OccupyDallas.


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