Perry Video Attacks Romney on Health Care –

In a striking new video, Rick Perry attacks Mitt Romney as both the inspiration for President Obama’s health care reform and a repeated flip-flopper who shouldn’t be considered for the White House.

The fast-paced video questions Mr. Romney’s assertion that he is a “conservative businessman,” showing a picture of Mr. Obama looking in a mirror, only to see Mr. Romney’s reflection.

“Nice try,” the narrator says.

The video is the latest evidence that Mr. Romney’s Republican rivals are mounting an all-out assault on his character. Over the weekend, several of them danced around questions of his Mormon faith after it was raised at a conservative conference in Washington.

Questions about Mr. Romney’s core beliefs were raised repeatedly in the 2008 campaign. But he had largely avoided the same problem during this campaign, in part because attention had focused on other rivals like Mr. Perry and Michele Bachmann.

With both Mr. Perry and Mrs. Bachmann stumbling, however, the spotlight is squarely back on Mr. Romney. And it’s not just the Republicans who are trying to undermine him — the Democrats are paying attention, too.

The Democratic National Committee on Monday unveiled a Web site,, that gives visitors the chance to take a quiz about Mr. Romney. Each question gives two seemingly opposite-sounding statements, and the answer is always that Mr. Romney said both of them.

Mr. Perry’s video features an old clip of Tim Russert interviewing Mr. Romney on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” If the health plan is working in Massachusetts, Mr. Russert asks, “why wouldn’t you apply it to the rest of the country?”

“I would,” Mr. Romney says.

It ends with Mr. Romney saying “there are a lot of reasons not to elect me,” and Mr. Obama’s voice saying “he’s right.”

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