Elizabeth Warren raises $3 million in challenge to Scott Brown

Massachusetts U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren announced Monday that her campaign has raised $3.15 million in her bid to challenge U.S. Senator Scott Brown.

Ms. Warren announced in an e-mail to her supporters that she has raised $3.15 million since entering the race in September. The Massachusetts Democrat announced that her fundraising haul was largely raked in through small-dollar donations. The Warren campaign said 96 percent of her contributions from donors giving less than $100.

Ms. Warren, who helped set up the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and is a favorite candidate among progressives, announced the impressive third-quarter results as polls continue to show support for her candidacy on the rise. An October 2 University of Mass-Lowell/Boston Herald poll found Mr. Brown leading Ms. Warren 41 to 38. A Western New England University poll conducted from September 29 through October 5 found Mr. Brown leading 47 to 42 among registered voters.

Writing in an email to supporters on Monday, Ms. Warren reiterated her campaign pledge to focus on the middle class. “With the big banks and special interests lining up against us, we know it’s going to take a strong, grass-roots campaign to win,” Ms. Warren wrote in the email. “That’s why your support is more important than ever. I need you to help us build the strongest grassroots campaign we can by encouraging your friends and family to join us, too.”

“These are pretty amazing numbers for our first official finance report, raised in a very short period of time, so you can understand why I want to say thanks a million — and more! — for this remarkable support,” Ms. Warren added.

Mr. Brown, who continues to enjoy a solid base of support, has said he remains focused on his job in the U.S. Senate, downplaying speculation that Ms. Warren could unseat him.

via Elizabeth Warren raises $3 million in challenge to Scott Brown | The State Column.


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