Musharraf paying $25,000 per month to lobbyist to promote interests in US – The Times of India

WASHINGTON: Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has hired a US lobbyist at $25,000 per month, according to an official US record on lobbyists.

According to the official documents of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), the lobbying firm would approach US officials, Senators and Congressmen to promote the interests of Musharraf in the United States.

The document, having registration number 6062, says that Musharraf “remains a political and public figure in Pakistan and throughout the world.”

Musharraf’s representative who signed the agreement with the firm is named Raza Bokhari, according to the justice department record.

The agreement was made on Sept 1, 2011 and will end on March 30, 2012, unless the parties agree to extend the term.

The total fee for the services to be provided to the lobbying firm is one hundred and seventy five thousand ($175,000.00) US dollars.

“A monthly payment in the amount of twenty thousand US dollars ($25,000.00) will be paid to Advantage (the lobbying firm) for a period of seven months beginning on September 1,2011 and ending on March 30, 2012. All monthly payments must be made on the first of each month. However, for the last two months and the first month, seventy five thousand US dollars ($75,000.00) will be paid upon the signing of this agreement,” the agreement said.

“Bokhari agrees to reimburse Advantage for all reasonable expenses arising out of this Agreement, with any expenses over $250.00 preapproved in advance. Source of payment for funds under this agreement may come from Bokhari or General Musharraf,” it added.

The lobbying firm, Advantage Associates International is owned by former congressman Bill Sarpalius from Texas, The News reported.

It is known that almost everyone in this firm is an ex-congressman, it added.

via Musharraf paying $25,000 per month to lobbyist to promote interests in US – The Times of India.


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