Police Excessive Force In School Cafeteria Caught On Tape (VIDEO)

Didn’t I see this video happening on Occupy Wall St. last week???

via Police Excessive Force In School Cafeteria Caught On Tape (VIDEO).

Authorities are looking into a complaint of police brutality after video of 17-year-old Frank W. Harrington being lifted from his seat in the school cafeteria and slammed face-first into a table surfaced on the website CopBlock.org.

“Today I got assaulted by a cop,” Harrington says as he began telling his story on camera.

“I took my sister’s purse, I was messing around,” he continued.

“She said she didn’t want it back, I was going to give it back after lunch. The teachers involved themselves, said I stole it. She said it’s no big deal, I’ll get it back later.”

From there, according to Harrington, the principal tried to take the purse from him. After stating he’d give it back to his sister himself, the principal got school resource officer Darren Murphy involved. Murphy and the principal allegedly grabbed the purse from Harrington and told the student he was suspended. After protesting, as the video shows, Murphy then lifted Harrington off his seat, spun him around, forced him onto the table and arrested him.



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