‘Occupy Seattle’ protesters clash with police

via Local News | ‘Occupy Seattle’ protesters clash with police | Seattle Times Newspaper.

Some “Occupy Seattle” protesters, refusing an order to take down their tents at Westlake Park, skirmished Wednesday with Seattle police, resulting in about 10 arrests.

Several arrests came as police and Seattle Parks Department employees were clearing tents from the park. One tent was surrounded by a group of young men who linked arms, determined to prevent officers from removing the protesters inside.

That prompted a melee as police officers tried to forcibly push the resisters out of the way.

The protesters, who had linked arms, were on the ground and being held down by police as other officers removed the people from inside the tent and took them away in handcuffs. One person climbed a tree and splattered water on the officers. Some protesters screamed as though they were being beaten while others started yelling about police brutality.

Earlier, Seattle Parks and Recreation staff met with the protesters and asked them to take down their tents while dozens of Seattle police stood by. Christopher Williams, acting superintendent of Seattle parks, said the protesters can stay in the park and protest, but only during park hours of 4 a.m. to 10 p.m.



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